This is a selection of my work, organized from most to least recent. You can see my writing here and my photos here.

Please note that this is an incomplete portfolio. I’m contractually prohibited from sharing some of my work publicly. If you want to see a more complete selection of my work from the last few years, please email me.

Dolce Tempo Mailer

In the summer of 2020, I worked with active travel company Backroads to launch a new series of easygoing e-biking and walking trips. I was involved in the project from top to bottom, from brainstorming names to workshopping value propositions and writing copy for specific trips. This mailer was sent to thousands of prospects.

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Travel Content Writing (2017-18)

(12/24/19) Top 5 Places to Travel in July: The solstice might have passed, but that doesn’t mean the fun is over! Summer is in full swing and around the world people are sweating out long climbs on the bicycle, exploring hidden mountains and valleys on foot, and relaxing on sunny beaches with a cold drink at the end of the day.

(02/06/19) Top 5 Places to Travel in May: Summer is so close you can almost taste it. It’s the time of year for graduations, grilling on the porch and staying up late to catch fireflies. The whole world seems content in May, looking forward to the long days and warm nights of the summer ahead. And if you’re like us, you can’t help but feel an eagerness to get out and experience it all!

(04/19/18) Life Under Iceland’s Midnight Sun: Imagine icebergs illuminated by pale sunlight at midnight, the sunrise at 2 a.m. over a thundering waterfall, or a day of hiking that ends with an 11 p.m. soak in a natural hot spring. These things are a reality in Iceland where, for about two months every year, the sun never sets. This is the “midnight sun,” a legendary peculiarity of Iceland’s far north.

(02/22/18) Your Guide to Puffin-Spotting in Iceland: What do you know about puffins? They’re smaller than penguins, they live in Iceland, and they’re cute. Great! Unfortunately they’re also elusive little creatures, with unique and specific migratory patterns and a habit of nesting in remote hundred-meter cliffs.

(01/19/18) A Tour of the Regions of Iceland: Iceland is a land of stunningly diverse scenery, where you can pass from lush glacial meadows into barren volcanic deserts in the blink of an eye. Cliffs tower hundreds of meters high only a few steps away from the sea. Backroads’ wide variety of trips here matches the diversity of the island’s landscapes. Every itinerary is different, and each offers a unique perspective on the majestic beauty of this lonely volcanic island.

Pop-Up Magazine for My Spilt Milk

(02/27/18) Sydney’s Saloon, North Korea and a Filipino Rockstar: A Series of Stories at the Civic: Friday’s Pop-Up Magazine show at the Civic Theatre was advertised only as a “live magazine,” leaving the audience mostly in the dark about what to expect. After seeing the show, it’s easy to see why. The presenters touched on such a wide range of topics, and the fusion of speaking, visuals and music was so complete that to capture the show’s appeal in a concise description would be nearly impossible. Ultimately, it was an ambitious project with a diverse group of speakers presenting on an ever farther-flung range of topics, but its slick production and emphasis on storytelling allowed it to bridge the gap between intellectual stimulation and pure enjoyment and become a truly unique kind of entertainment.

Zadie Smith interviewed for Tulane Hullabaloo (2016)

(03/02/16) British novelist Zadie Smith discusses life as writer in New York, merits of Twitter: “The canon matters to me because I want to feel myself part of a long process, but reading what just came out, if I’m reading Ben Lerner that to me is as serious as reading Schopenhauer, I just mean quality. But an important thing to me, I guess, is not just reading my peers. I don’t see the purpose of that. I have to read a bit more widely than that.”

Work at Gambit (2015)

(07/06/15) Same-sex marriage comes to Louisiana: Celeste Autin and Alesia LeBoeuf met 38 years ago at L.W. Higgins High School in Marrero. While LeBoeuf played in a powder-puff football game, Autin looked on from the stands. A mutual friend introduced them. “We’ve been inseparable ever since,” LeBoeuf said.

(07/06/15) New Orleans offers yoga class for people of color in Bywater: Valerie McMillan is a city planner, yoga instructor and New Orleans native. Her yoga class, which she teaches at Dancing Grounds on Sunday nights, is one of many that have popped up during the city’s recent yoga boom.

(06/24/15) Gov. Bobby Jindal announces candidacy for President to cheering crowd: As expected, Gov. Bobby Jindal today announced he would seek the Republican Party’s nomination for President in the 2016 election. His campaign made it official this morning, hours before Jindal was set to make the formal announcement at Kenner’s Pontchartrain Center.

Work at Berkeleyside (2014)

(08/08/14) Berkeley installs first permeable pavers downtown: Traffic may be rough come school season, but the construction project closing Allston Way outside Berkeley High School is significant: the city’s first major permeable pavement installation.

(08/07/14) Berkeley appoints first ‘chief resilience officer’: As a city, Berkeley prides itself on being prepared. Officials hope the recent appointment of a “resilience officer” to coordinate city-wide defenses against natural disasters will be another step in that direction — this time with the help of the Rockefeller Foundation.

(07/30/14) Berkeley councilman faces PR man in ‘soda tax’ debate: Though they were arguing about sugar, Councilman Laurie Capitelli and Los Angeles PR man Matt Rodriguez were anything but sweet to each other at a Monday debate about a ballot measure set to come before Berkeley voters in November.

(07/02/14) Berkeley puts sugar tax on November ballot; could be first city in country to take on Big Soda: The Berkeley City Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to include a proposal that would tax distributors of sugar-sweetened beverages on the November ballot.

(06/12/14) Berkeley asphalt plant emissions dangerous, say residents: A small group of West Berkeley homeowners gathered at City Hall on Monday this week to submit a Public Record Act request, claiming the Berkeley Asphalt & Ready Mix plant on Virginia Street has been violating its use permit by emitting excessive odors and noise.