I was lucky enough to collaborate with the great team at Solful during the fall and winter of 2020 on a few projects related to their partner farmers program, harvest season and the holiday.

(9/23/21) The History of Hash: From the foothills of the Himalayas to the salons of Paris, the wafting scent of hashish evokes the timeless appeal of cannabis. People around the globe smoke hash every day, and it’s likely that some of the first humans ever to discover cannabis’s psychoactive properties were consuming the sticky brown substance.

(12/10/20) Green Holiday: Cannabis Gifts for Foodies: If the thought of cannabis edibles sends shivers down your gourmet spine, rejoice! The days of brownies of mysterious provenance are thankfully over, and today the world of edibles is an arena for innovative chefs, food scientists and wellness professionals looking to hone their craft and produce treats that are tastier and more potent than ever.

(12/3/20) Green Holiday: Cannabis Gifts for Creativity: As thousands of hours of Grateful Dead jams will attest to, cannabis can offer great creative benefits. But only recently have those benefits become available to everyone. Now, there are more ways than ever to experience the creative boost of cannabis, from discreet edibles and deliberate tinctures to more traditional joints or glassware.

(10/30/20) Why is Harvest Season this Year so Important?: Relationships with local farmers matter—and now, as fires disrupt our communities and force our friends and families out of their homes, we’re reminded more than ever that it’s our responsibility to maintain Mother Earth’s delicate equilibrium.